Which is Better: Turmeric or MSM?

Which is Better: Turmeric or MSM?


Turmeric VS MSM, which of the two is better? Turmeric should be a slightly better choice than MSM when it comes to reducing joint pain and inflammation. MSM is a critical nutrient used for connective tissue healing. Both ingredients are safe when used in optimal doses.

About Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that comes from a plant called Curcuma longa. It has been used in Indian cooking for thousands of years and is now grown around the world too. Some people call it Indian saffron because it gives food a yellow color just like saffron does. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has many health benefits such as reducing inflammation, joint pain, and delaying the signs of aging.

There are many different ways to take turmeric, but they all have their pros and cons.

About MSM

MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane, a substance found in plants and animals. It is a type of organic sulfur and it is used to make the joint more flexible.

There are many uses of MSM; it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, as a treatment for arthritis and other forms of inflammatory arthritis, as an organic sulfur supplement, or for healthy skin. MSM supplements are sold in capsules or pills but also in lotion form.

Which is Better for Joint Health: Turmeric or MSM?

Turmeric and MSM are both powerful supplements, each with its own set of benefits. Studies on the benefits of turmeric and MSM show mixed results. One study found that people who took MSM were less likely to develop joint pain than those who took a placebo (Turmeric). Another study found no significant difference between people who took turmeric or a placebo.

Turmeric provides natural inflammation relief for people suffering from arthritis. It also helps in promoting joint health. MSM has been studied for over 50 years and is generally accepted as effective in providing joint health.

However, it may not be as effective as turmeric when it comes to lowering pain and inflammation in joints. MSM is an essential nutrient for the formation of connective tissue.

All in all, it’s best when turmeric and MSM are combined together, and when they are, they will provide a substantial boost in joint health.

Side Effects

Both turmeric and MSM are considered safe and shouldn’t cause side effects when taken at recommended doses. The typical turmeric dosage is around 500mg daily, while MSM can be taken at doses of 500-3000mg per day. It’s best to consult your doctor before deciding which dosage is optimal for your condition.

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