Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner Review – Does it Work? (2024)

Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner Review

Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner simplified

Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner is a supplement focused on burning fat and it contains some active ingredients such as Sinetrol Xpur, Flaxseed Oil, Lemon, Tangerine, and Orange Peel Powder.

Because of these ingredients, Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner can aid weight loss & promote fat-burning to a slight degree in the long run if you have an established healthy diet.

However, core ingredients are missing from the formula such as green tea extract, glucomannan, or cayenne pepper extract which would make this a far better supplement. Some nutrients inside are underdosed. So, we don’t think you’ll notice substantial improvement with Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner.

Another issue is the safety of the product. Stored-Fat Belly Burner disappointed us because it uses several different fillers including titanium dioxide, which is a potential carcinogen.

All in all, there are far better alternatives on the market.


  • Some ingredients in the formula work for weight loss & fat-burning to a little extent
  • The active ingredients can support the immunity


  • Lacks core ingredients
  • Contains several unnecessary nutrients that won’t aid in weight loss and fat-burning at all
  • Only 60 soft gel capsules per container, enough for a 10-day supply
  • The serving size is 3 soft gels twice a day
  • Uses unnecessary fillers

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Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner – how does it work?

Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner is a dietary supplement that is supposed to burn excessive stored belly fat and reduce the waistline through some of its nutrients.

One package of Irwin Naturals Stored Fat Belly Burner contains 60 soft gels, enough to provide you with a 10-day supply by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner contains soy and caffeine so you should keep that in mind, especially if you’re planning to use it at nighttime. Caffeine can cause sleep problems if used before bed.

Stored-Fat Belly Burner contains several different ingredients and different fruits such as grapefruit and sweet orange, which we’ll talk about more in our ingredient analysis below.

Alongside fat-burning, Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner is claimed to help you with:

  • Weight loss
  • Boosting your energy
  • Appetite suppression

However, are these claims actually true? We’re about to get the answer to that question by checking out the formula.


Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner Ingredients

The formula in Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner doesn’t look too promising at the first glance. But, it’s definitely not the worst in comparison to other fat-burning supplements on the market.

As seen on the label, Stored-Fat Belly Burner contains Flaxseed Oil, Sinetrol Xpur (a blend of fruits), orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, tangerine peel powder, and BioPerine Complex. There is one major issue, however; the product contains several unnecessary fillers including titanium dioxide which is a potential carcinogen. [1st study], [2nd study]

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for overall health; reducing blood pressure, improving heart health, and even preventing cancer cell growth.

When it comes to weight loss and fat-burning, studies have shown that the healthy acids it contains can reduce food cravings and decrease fat absorption. However, the effects are very low, so this ingredient won’t produce drastic changes to your body.

Sinetrol Xpur

Sinetrol – Xpur is a blend of grapefruit, guarana, sweet orange, and blood orange. Several studies on Korean participants have shown that Sinetrol Xpur is quite effective for dropping pounds if used consistently.

Orange Peel Powder

Orange Peel Powder is an ingredient rich in Vitamin C, meaning that it’s a good option for general health and the immune system. When it comes to fat burning, this ingredient is not the best choice.

Lemon Peel Powder

Similar to orange peel powder, Lemon Peel Powder is good for overall health. It’s high in antioxidants and can help you boost your immune system, promote heart health, and prevent skin problems. It won’t do much when it comes to weight loss.

Tangerine Peel Powder

Tangerine Peel Powder is good for your skin and can help lower cholesterol levels in your body. It’s rich in Vitamin C, so it’s a decent ingredient for general health. Just like Lemon and Orange Peel Powder, Tangerine Peel Powder won’t produce any significant effects in terms of weight loss.

BioPerine Complex

BioPerine Complex is a mixture of Black Pepper extract and Ginger extract. Both ingredients are good for general health – lowering cholesterol levels, improving your brain health, lowering blood sugar levels, treating nausea, and treating indigestion.

Black Pepper extract is not a good ingredient when it comes to weight loss, but its main purpose is to help with the absorption and digestion of other nutrients in the formula.

Ginger extract can increase calorie expenditure and suppress appetite, leading to weight loss. [study] The disappointing thing is that ginger is at a very low dosage, considering that the whole BioPerine Complex blend is at only 3mg. Therefore, this ingredient won’t be effective with the doses provided.

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How Much Caffeine Is In Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner?

According to the manufacturer, there is approximately 40mg of natural caffeine in one serving (3 soft-gels) of Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner, from sources of guarana and blood orange. 40mg of caffeine is almost as equal to a cup of coffee.

All in all, due to a quite modest ingredient formula, Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner does not work to a substantial degree and if you’re serious about dropping pounds, you could be disappointed with this one.

Side effects

The active ingredients in Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner shouldn’t cause side effects with the doses provided. However, we can’t recommend Stored-Fat Belly Burner for long-term consumption due to it containing titanium dioxide, a potential carcinogen filler.

Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider if you’re not sure whether this is the right choice for you or not. Due to the natural caffeine content in the formula, avoid taking Stored-Fat Belly Burner at nighttime, and also avoid taking it if you’re allergic to soy.

Instructions – How To Use Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner?

Take 3 Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner soft gels twice a day with meals, ideally with breakfast and lunch.


Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner is currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can buy it on the official Irwin Naturals website for the price of $18.99 per container. Considering the value and number of servings you get (a 10-day supply), Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner is a little overpriced.


If your primary goal is weight loss, Irwin Naturals Stored-Fat Belly Burner won’t make you happy long-term. You could experience some little benefits by taking it, but it won’t be anything substantial due to an incomplete ingredient formula.

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