GNC Total Lean CLA Review

GNC Total Lean CLA Review

GNC Total Lean CLA simplified

GNC Total Lean CLA is a supplement with a focus on burning fat and improving body composition. With our in-depth formula inspection, we can say with no doubt that GNC Total Lean CLA won’t benefit you much. It contains only one nutrient, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that lacks evidence to support its effectiveness in terms of fat loss.

Even if CLA was potent at burning fat and weight loss, that ingredient alone wouldn’t be enough for serious results. Key ingredients are missing such as cayenne pepper, konjac root fiber, green tea extract, and chromium. If these were in the formula, we’d consider GNC Total Lean CLA a comprehensive fat burner.

That said, there are far better alternatives available on the market.


  • Relatively safe to use
  • No stimulants (some people might prefer the opposite)


  • Uses only one active ingredient in the formula
  • CLA won’t be substantially effective in terms of weight loss and cutting fat
  • Lacks core ingredients
  • Overpriced considering the poor value and low number of servings

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GNC Total Lean CLA – how does it work?

GNC Total Lean CLA is claimed to support your fitness goals by delivering CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). According to the manufacturer, these are the benefits you’re supposed to achieve by taking GNC Total Lean CLA:

  • Improved body composition
  • Lean muscle tone
  • Fuels fat and energy metabolism
  • Significant weight loss results

Alongside GNC Total Lean CLA, there are two alternatives from the same manufacturer on the market: GNC Total Lean CLA + Carnitine and GNC Total Lean CLA PM. Their formulas slightly differ from GNC Total Lean CLA. We’ll keep our focus today on the CLA version only.

The product comes in softgel capsule form, with 180 softgels included per jar, enough to provide you with an approximate 2-month supply, depending on the doses you take. To find out if GNC Total Lean CLA works, we have to look deep into the ingredient formula and see what it has to offer.


Each serving (2 capsules) of GNC Total Lean CLA provides you with 2000 mg of CLA, which is unfortunately the only active ingredient in the formula.

CLA are fatty acids acting on a PPAR system to promote fat loss. According to Examine, CLA’s effects on the PPAR system are quite weak, which means that it won’t aid weight loss to a significant degree.

Although some studies in humans have shown that CLA works for fat loss to some extent, the actual results are quite dissapointing. All in all, it is not a promising ingredient for weight loss long-term.

That said, due to an incomplete and ineffective formula, GNC Total Lean CLA won’t leave you delighted if you have serious fitness goals. When looking for a highly potent fat burner supplement, we always look for a variety of different nutrients in the formula that are in clinically backed doses and are supported by studies to work for weight loss and fat burning. Some of these nutrients include konjac root fiber, green tea extract, cayenne pepper extract, and L-Theanine.

GNC Total Lean CLA is unfortunately one of those products that is claimed to work, but the reality is completely different.

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Side effects

We don’t think GNC Total Lean CLA should cause any side effects with the ingredient doses provided. CLA is often taken in doses of around 3-6 grams per day. As always, consult your healthcare provider if you’re not sure whether this is the right product for you or not.


We haven’t found GNC Total Lean CLA to be available from retailers like Amazon. The product is available on the official website for the price of $49.99 for a 45-day supply. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 softgel capsules twice daily, which means that a jar with 180 softgels should last you for 45 days.

Overall, in our opinion, the supplement is a bit overpriced considering the lack of core ingredients and an ineffective formula.


If you have serious fitness goals, and want to drastically improve your physique, we’d pass on GNC Total Lean CLA. It uses only one ingredient, which is not very potent. Even if CLA was effective for fat loss, a single ingredient in the formula would not be enough for substantial results. We always prefer supplements that use many different ingredients that actually work and that are in optimal doses.

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