BPI Sports Smart Burn Review || Effective or Not?

BPI Sports Smart Burn Review

BPI Sports Smart Burn simplified

BPI Sports Smart Burn is a product claimed to help you lose excess fat. It comes in a powder form, with two different flavors available on the market; Cotton Candy, and Fruit Punch.

Smart Burn could help you lose weight to a slight degree if you have a strict diet and regular exercise because it comes with some potent nutrients like green tea extract and caffeine.

However, the issue with the formula is a proprietary blend, depriving you of information about the exact doses of two ingredients inside. Also, some nutrients like Theobromine, N-Methylliberine, and Niacin could have been replaced with more potent ones for fat loss such as Cayenne Pepper Extract, Glucomannan, and Vitamin D.

Because of that, we don’t consider BPI Sports Smart Burn to be a comprehensive weight loss product. It is far from the best supplement on the market.


  • Comes with several potent ingredients for fat-burning & weight loss such as green tea extract and caffeine
  • Relatively affordable


  • Lacks core ingredients
  • Contains a couple of underdosed nutrients
  • Some ingredients could have been replaced with more potent ones for fat-burning
  • Won’t be substantially effective
  • Uses a proprietary blend

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BPI Sports Smart Burn – how does it work?

BPI Sports Smart Burn is marketed as a fat-destroying supplement whose goal is primarily to help you burn excess fat and lose weight through the nutrients it uses. It comes in a form of powder with two different flavors: “Cotton Candy” and “Fruit Punch”. We’re about to find out if Smart Burn from BPI Sports is actually any good, or if it is just marketed as a good weight loss product to make you purchase it.


Each serving (1 scoop, 5 grams) of BPI Sports Smart Burn provides you with the following ingredients:

  • Niacin – 30mg
  • Smart Burn Proprietary Blend – 2.5g (Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  • Green Tea Extract – 250mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 150mg
  • Theobromine – 100mg
  • N-Methylliberine – 50mg


Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin, also known as nicotinic acid. Niacin is essential for the production of energy from food and helps convert food into fuel for the body. It is also important for the proper function of the nervous system, digestive system, skin, and hair.

This nutrient can be found in foods such as eggs, meat, fish, legumes, nuts, and seeds.


Carnitine is found in the body and helps to metabolize fat. Carnitine deficiency can cause a person to gain weight, as it limits the body’s ability to use stored fat for energy. Carnitine deficiency also causes muscle weakness, fatigue, depression, and heart arrhythmias.

The problem with BPI Sports Smart Burn is that it contains carnitine inside a proprietary blend alongside CLA. That means that we don’t know the exact dosage of these two ingredients. We can only see their combined dosage – which is 2.5g. Because of that, we can’t be quite sure if any of these two is underdosed or overdosed. In other words, their safety and efficacy are unknown.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid found in dairy, beef, lamb, and other animal products. CLA is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and has been shown to be effective in reducing body fat mass.

The body can’t produce it on its own, so it must be consumed as food or a supplement. Some studies have shown that CLA can help reduce body fat mass and increase lean muscle mass when combined with exercise and healthy eating habits.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a plant-based product that has a number of health benefits. It has been used for centuries in China and Japan, primarily as an alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

The main benefits of green tea extract are that it can help to reduce stress levels, provide antioxidants, and promote weight loss.

It is slightly underdosed in BPI Sports Smart Burn. Ideally, the most effective and safe dosage would be around 500mg per serving.


Caffeine is one of the most powerful stimulants, well-known to all coffee lovers out there. It provides you with an energy boost, and it can aid in weight loss too.


Theobromine is a naturally occurring compound found in cocoa beans and chocolate. It is also found in other plants, such as tea leaves, cola nuts, and the kola nut. Theobromine is a stimulant that can help to reduce fatigue and improve mental alertness. It can also help to improve concentration and cognitive function. The way it can assist in weight loss is by suppressing your appetite to some degree.

Theobromine does not seem to have any side effects at doses of up to 400 mg per day when taken for up to two years.


N-Methylliberine is a relatively new supplement claimed to work for weight loss. The lack of studies makes us question its efficacy.

All in all, BPI Sports Smart Burn does come with some effective nutrients for fat-burning and weight loss. However, the main problem is a proprietary blend which is, in our opinion, a red flag when it comes to any supplement, simply because the manufacturer deprives you of very important information; particular ingredient doses.

There are other issues with the formula as well; some underdosed nutrients and a lack of core ingredients that have been shown to promote substantial results in terms of weight loss, such as glucomannan, cayenne pepper extract, and vitamin D. They could have been put inside instead of ingredients like N-Methylliberine or Niacin which have questionable efficacy when it comes to fat loss.

With that being said, we’ve seen far better weight loss supplements on the market.

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Side effects

Due to a proprietary blend, we can’t be sure about the safety of the ingredients like carnitine and CLA in BPI Sports Smart Burn’s formula.

For example, CLA supplements can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea in some people.

With that being said, side effects could occur with BPI Sports Smart Burn, especially if you’re sensitive. Consult your healthcare provider if you’re not sure whether this is the right product for you or not.

Instructions – How To Use BPI Sports Smart Burn?

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 scoop (5g) of BPI Sports Smart Burn powder daily for maximum results.


We haven’t found BPI Sports Smart Burn to be available on the official site or on Amazon. You can purchase it from several retailers such as Predator Nutrition for the price of $16.85 for 25 servings. It is relatively affordable.


BPI Sports Smart Burn does come with several potent nutrients for weight loss. However, it lacks many ingredients to be called a comprehensive weight loss product. There are several underdosed ingredients inside its formula alongside a proprietary blend, which we always consider a red flag when it comes to supplements.

So, if you’re serious about your fitness goals, we recommend looking for a different product that is much more effective than this one, and also without a proprietary blend.

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