1st Phorm Joint Mobility Review (2024)

1st Phorm Joint Mobility Review

1st Phorm Joint Mobility simplified

1st Phorm Joint Mobility is a dietary supplement with the main focus on relieving joint pain, especially after an intense workout, and speeding up the recovery process. It is available for $39.99 per jar with 120 capsules that would last you for a month if you follow the recommended dosage.

1st Phorm Joint Mobility is a decent option if your main problem is joint pain. However, it’s not the best long-term solution for more complex joint issues. The product lacks some core ingredients which would make it far more effective in reducing the risk of inflammation and stiffness in your joints.

Also, there are no ingredients that would promote cartilage reparation, such as glucosamine or MSM. We have seen better alternatives available on the market that are less expensive and more effective for overall joint health.


  • Contains some effective ingredients for joint pain relief and treating osteoarthritis
  • Safe ingredient doses


  • A bit overpriced at $39.99 per container with a one-month supply
  • Lacks core ingredients for connective tissue healing and reducing the risk of inflammation
  • Available only on the official website

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1st Phorm Joint Mobility – how does it work?

1st Phorm Joint Mobility is a dietary supplement whose main goal is to help you get rid of inflammation and joint pain, especially after intense training and workouts. It comes with 120 capsules per jar, enough to provide you with a 1-month supply. Alongside reducing joint pain and inflammation, 1st Phorm Joint Mobility is claimed to help you with:

  • Restoring mobility
  • Making your joints more flexible
  • Supporting tendon and joint health
  • Speeding up the recovery process after training

The manufacturer also claims that the 1st Phorm Joint Mobility formula should relieve discomfort and pain within as little as 30 minutes after consuming the supplement. Sounds great, but is that actually true? We’re about to find out. Let’s check out the ingredients to see how effective and safe they are compared to other joint supplements on the market.


1st Phorm Joint Mobility uses some of the ingredients that can help relieve discomfort and joint pain to some extent. Cissus quadrangularis extract is one of them, although not as potent as some nutrients we recommend. Cissus is a vine that is mostly used in Asia and Africa for medical purposes.

Studies have shown that consuming Cissus daily in higher doses of around 3000mg, can reduce training-induced joint pain and help treat arthritis. More on these studies can be found here: (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24113700/).

Cissus is also good for bone health and preventing metabolic syndrome. However, 1st Phorm Joint Mobility uses only 1000mg of this ingredient per serving, which is a bit underdosed, but it’s considered a safe dosage.

Another ingredient in the formula is ParActin (150mg per serving). It is extracted from the herb Andrographis paniculata, which has been used as a herbal remedy for years in some Asian countries such as India or China.

One study has shown that ParActin significantly reduced pain and stiffness in people suffering from knee osteoarthritis. It is a good pain reliever and can help reduce joint inflammation. The most effective and safe dosage is 300-600mg daily.

Even with these two ingredients, 1st Phorm Joint Mobility’s formula is relatively modest. It would have been far better if it included more studied and effective ingredients for overall joint and cartilage health such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and bromelain.

There are also no ingredients that would promote connective tissue healing. We wouldn’t trust the claim that the product will relieve the pain within 30 minutes of consumption.

Overall, 1st Phorm Joint Mobility could help you with joint pain to a little degree in the long run, however, we wouldn’t expect a drastic improvement.

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Side effects

1st Phorm Joint Mobility should be safe if you follow the recommended doses. ParActin, however, caused side effects such as vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, and dizziness in some people. However, these side effects are extremely rare and usually occur only in sensitive people and in those who exceed the recommended dosage.

Instructions – How To Use 1st Phorm Joint Mobility?

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules of 1st Phorm Joint Mobility upon waking up with a meal, and another 2 capsules 6-8 hours later with a meal, making it 4 capsules in total per day. It is recommended to drink 16-20oz. of water with each serving. Do not exceed the recommended dosage to avoid any side effects.


1st Phorm Joint Mobility is currently available on their official website for the price of $39.99 per container. Considering that these capsules would last you for only a month, they’re a bit overpriced.


Due to a modest ingredient formula, we can’t call this a comprehensive joint supplement.

As we mentioned before, 1st Phorm Joint Mobility would have been a far better supplement if it contained other effective ingredients for joint health and connective tissue healing such as MSM, glucosamine, and selenium, which would also help you more in decreasing the risk of stiffness and inflammation.

We’ve definitely seen better and less expensive options on the market when it comes to joint health supplements.

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