Olly Combat Cravings Review (2024) – Do Olly Combat Cravings Capsules Really Work?

Olly Combat Cravings Review

Olly Combat Cravings simplified

Olly Combat Cravings is a supplement that delivers some ingredients that can reduce food cravings and support metabolism. There are many drawbacks, unfortunately, including some ingredients being underdosed, such as green tea and ginger. There are also some ingredients missing, glucomannan, cayenne pepper, and l-theanine, for example.

Another huge issue that we have noticed is the inclusion of titanium dioxide, a filler ingredient that has been classified as a potential carcinogen, and therefore, it makes the safety of Olly Combat Cravings questionable.

Even though it’s quite affordable, we think it’s worth investing your money into a different supplement if you are serious about your fitness goals, even if it costs a bit more. Through our years of experience, we noticed that cheap supplements usually tend to be less potent than more expensive ones.


  • Relatively cheap at $19.99 for a one-month supply
  • Offers a couple of nutrients such as chromium and green tea that can help with fat loss when used regularly


  • Lacks core ingredients
  • Green Tea Extract is underdosed
  • Not a comprehensive fat burner supplement overall
  • Uses a filler called titanium dioxide

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Olly Combat Cravings – how does it work?

Olly Combat Cravings is a dietary supplement designed to help reduce cravings and support metabolism. It is supposed to help you provide control over food cravings, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and boost energy. The product comes in the form of 30 capsules. Those should last you for exactly 30 days. Let’s see if Olly Combat Cravings capsules are really that effective.

Core ingredients in Olly Combat Cravings

Olly Combat Cravings Ingredients

Olly Combat Cravings contains the following active ingredients:

  • Chromium – 1000 mcg – Chromium comes in a clinically studied dosage to reduce cravings and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Green Tea Extract – 50mg – Green tea extract is known for its thermogenic properties, which can support metabolism and aid in weight loss to some extent. However, the dosage of 50mg in Olly Combat Cravings is relatively low compared to more effective fat burners on the market.
  • Goji Berry Juice Powder – 50mg – Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and could benefit your overall general health in the long run. However, their efficacy when it comes to dropping pounds is questionable and more research has to be done.
  • Ginger Extract – 50 mg – Ginger is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can benefit your digestive system. It’s good for overall health, but same like Goji Berry, it’s efficacy when it comes to weight loss is not promising.

As you can see, the formula in Olly Combat Cravings is far from a perfect one. The doses of some ingredients, such as green tea extract, are relatively low when compared to other comprehensive fat burners on the market.

Also, there are many ingredients missing that are essential in every high-quality fat burner. Some of these ingredients are cayenne pepper, glucomannan, or l-theanine, which have been proven to help if you have weight loss goals.

Finally, titanium dioxide presents another issue. This is a filler ingredient that we consider unnecessary. Here’s a recent study that shows that titanium dioxide could be a potential carcinogen.

Conclusion? We think you can get a far better and much safer fat burner if you keep looking.

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Side effects

Although side effects shouldn’t occur in most cases, due to titanium dioxide inside Olly Combat Cravings, which is considered a potential carcinogen, we don’t consider this the safest weight loss supplement.

Directions – When to Take and How to Take Olly Combat Cravings

Take 1 capsule of Olly Combat Cravings daily, ideally with a meal.


We haven’t found Olly Combat Cravings capsules to be available at sites like Walmart and Amazon at the moment. However, the product currently costs $19.99 for a one-month supply on the official Olly website. We have to admit, this is a great price for the number of servings you get.


If you don’t mind the risk of titanium dioxide and if you’re looking for a somewhat effective weight loss supplement that is cheap and that will work to some extent when used consistently, Olly Combat Cravings should work for you.

However, the doses of certain ingredients, such as green tea extract, are relatively low, which means that they won’t be as effective. The lack of core ingredients for fat loss, and the inclusion of titanium dioxide makes Olly Combat Cravings far from the best fat burner on the market.

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