MSM for Inflammation Relief

MSM for Inflammation Relief

There are many ways to reduce inflammation, but MSM stands out from the crowd. This nutrient is known to alleviate joint discomfort and promote better well-being. In this article, we’ll see if MSM works for inflammation relief, and if so, which effects it produces.

We’re also going to be talking about its potential side effects, proper doses, and more. So, keep on reading to learn more!

How Does MSM Reduce Inflammation?

MSM is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The way it works is by reducing inflammatory markers in the body, and this can help reduce discomfort and pain that come with arthritis and other disorders common in older people, but in young folks as well.

MSM Dosage for Arthritis

The exact MSM dosage for arthritis varies because every person is different, and so is their pain intensity and disorder.

However, from our years of experience in reviewing supplements and getting feedback from other users, we have noticed that the dosage of around 1000-1500mg per day seems to be safe and effective at the same time for most people.

Some studies even suggest that 3g up to two times per day seems effective in managing osteoarthritis symptoms.

Still, we’d suggest talking to your doctor to determine what the right dosage is for you. We also wouldn’t start with that high dosage. It’s better to start with smaller doses, and gradually increase them if you notice that you tolerate them well.

MSM Supplements for Joint Health

There are many MSM supplements on the market that you can try. These usually come in capsule, powder, or tablet forms. The most important thing to look at when choosing a joint supplement is to look at the ingredient and their doses.

Avoid supplements that use proprietary blends, and if possible, MSM should be included alongside other powerful nutrients for joint health, such as turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin. That way, the joint supplement will be far more effective than taking a single ingredient alone.

Check out our list of best joint supplements currently on the market here.

MSM Sources in Natural Foods

Another way to get MSM into your system is through some foods such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Broccoli and garlic, for example, contain an even higher amount of MSM! In the long run, they should help keep you healthier.

MSM Skin Benefits and Uses

Joint health benefits are not the only thing MSM provides. It also helps with skin health by promoting collagen production and improving skin texture. To use it for skin health purposes, you can try various topical MSM lotions and creams available on the market.

MSM Side Effects

MSM should be safe for most people, especially if taken in the recommended doses. In some rare cases, side effects such as nausea, headaches, or diarrhea could occur in extremely sensitive people, however, these happen primarily if the doses are drastically exceeded.

The best idea would be to talk to your doctor to be a hundred percent sure what the proper MSM dosage is for you and your condition.

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